Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day off.

Sorry, took Thursday off.  I will suggest this though:

A friend of mine made some thoughts about my organic chocolate chip cookie recipe blog:

"Just throwing out a fun fact for you in regards to your organic cookie post, there has not been one legitimate scientific study to date that has been able to show an organic product is healthier than a non-organic product….not one.

Also, if you like conspiracy theories, there is an “organic food council” that acts as a quality board and a lobbying board for the organic industry….the President and vice president of this council just happen to be the CEO of Whole Foods and the CEO of Dean foods the largest dairy provider in the country……hmmmmm wonder why??????"

Makes you wonder, right?  What if the people who make a choice as to what is organic and what is not organic are the leaders of these organizations.  Would that or could that suggest a bit of friendly corruption?  Because I am king everything I say is law? Could the CEO of Whole Foods declare that since he is leader of the Organic food council, that all of the foods he sells at his stores are organic, no matter if they are not?

I did see this :"The weight of the available scientific evidence has not shown a significant difference between organic and more conventionally grown food in terms of safety, nutritional value, or taste."- 
I know that wikipedia isn't a really viable source, but, since so many people can edit it, if something was incorrect, it could have been edited by now. 

It is interesting.....

 Now, for fun, since I have been making ice cream for a bit now, I stumbled upon a new recipe in my MG cookbook. (Molecular Gastronomy)  The book is an e-book called Texture.  This book, focuses on the Hydrocolloid, which is a substance that gels or hardens or thickens when added to water.  You can find one in just about every food you eat, from food at restaurants to food your grandma makes.  If you have have ever had gravy made at home, it was likely made with flour, arrowroot flour or even corn starch.  Corn starch is a great thickener for gravies and is a hydrocolloid.  I was peering through the book and found a recipe for ice cream, using corn starch.  So, instead of egg yolks and heavy cream, it has milk and corn starch.  It gets a thick consistency and then you freeze that in your ice cream machine for a smooth ice cream.  Also, when you make ice cream this way, it has a large amount less of calories.  I highly suggest looking at this book as there are recipes to make everything from ice cream to spheres in here.  Don't feel bad if you cannot get a recipe to work.  It took me many times to get the spherification process to work.  I didn't even get the olive oil gummy bears to work.  Anyways, it is fun to read and fun to look at.

Thought I would give you a few things to think about.

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