Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Big O' Plate of Scrapple

I thought it was strange when my wife picked it out at the grocery store and I don't recall every hearing about it.  But the Scrapple package was staring us blue in the face.  It was new and strange and not something that we have seen before, in all of our travels.  But it looked weird enough and after trying out the restaurant that was on Bizarre Foods America and being completely disappointed, I thought it would be worth a try to see how this goes.

What made this product interesting to us, was the ingredients.  They are: Pork stock, pork, pork skins, cornmeal, pork livers, wheat flour, pork fat, pork hearts, salt and spices.

So, I was expecting something like Spam and that is just what it is.  It resembles a breakfast sausage.  And while it may sound strange to me, a woman in my office loves it and eats it all of the time.  See, this came from the Pennsylvania Dutch and in the New England states has become a bit of a regular food item.  There are many favorite ways of eating it and from a Midwestern tongue, it doesn't taste half bad.  In fact, I would dare say it tastes good.  You open the package, slice off some and cook it in a hot oiled pan.  Producing something with the flavor of a good breakfast sausage and the texture of foie gras, it still is interesting indeed.

Still, I have heard from people outside of St. Louis who think that pork steaks are the strangest thing ever, so I guess it is all regional.

Still though, for a quick bite and adventure into the strange, I'd recommend something as harmless as Scrapple.

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