Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What happened to good wedding food?

When I was growing up, I remember going to so many wedding receptions and no matter how fancy or full, there was always a set type of food available.  Wedding receptions in St. Louis, just like mine, may have had some things like roasted chicken with mushroom cream sauce but would also have toasted ravioli or roast beef.  That is how it is.  A few weeks ago I was a little worried when I went to a wedding reception at the Sheldon, in St. Louis.

Here is the thing, if you cannot afford the good stuff, then at least get the normal stuff.  Fried chicken, toasted ravioli, a simple salad and a rock hard roll, are all good things that I have seen at receptions and have gone over really well.  The above, didn't really work well.  In this picture, there is a rock hard dinner roll, a "resilient" piece of chicken (I would have said tough but my brother's father in law, suggested the word resilient), some garlic mashed potatoes, some over-cooked vegetables and a chunk of hard roast beef.  Did you see the fancy cutlery there?  We had a plastic fork and knife to cut some hard, over-cooked, resilient food.  I was there with my kids and they refused to eat it.

I know this isn't really a food review as I forgot who provided the food, but it was terrible.  I wouldn't eat anything at the Sheldon, for sure.  Eat some toasted ravioli or fried chicken, the next time you go to a wedding reception, for me.

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