Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 26th Annual Sheep & Craft Festival

This past weekend we attended the 26th Annual Sheep and Craft Festival.  While mostly a craft celebration, there was plenty of "country" stuff that I am a rookie towards.  Here are a few pictures of what happened:
Here we see some sheep being herded into their pen.  Most likely these sheep will be eaten later.  Yum.

This is something new: sheep pellet bingo.  In this corral, they put a sheep for about 20-30 minutes at a time.  The point, is that you pay $1 and pick a number.  The number that collects the most sheep "pellets" is the number that wins and then that means the person wins a prize. I think it is interesting that a game has been created about an animal pooping.

You cannot go to an event without a stand selling and making kettle corn.  We had to buy a bag on our way out.

Here we have animal judging, some food from the local 4H and some random stuff.  There are some antique tractors in the distance right.

Guess what?  A buffet line for the lamb BBQ.  $10 had me a plate of a few scoops of potato salad, a large lamb brat and some baked beans.  Maybe one of those sheep that I saw was one of the lamb steaks, maybe...

I had to have this all on here.  I'm willing to bet that most of the large periodicals of St. Louis will not show anything from this festival, for even the Travel channel has to censor out any animal slaughtering for food.  Anyway, this is good food and all a good time.  I suggest everyone come to next year's as well.  

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