Thursday, January 12, 2012

What looks good for dessert?

Okay, a new year means low calorie and healthy foods.  But what can I make that is a dessert?  I think for many of you, THIS is what you have been waiting for.

My wife had purchased some sugar pears at SAMS, 2 weeks ago and as they were starting to get soft, I had an idea.  I was first going to make a tart, then decided to make a jam, but finally rested on the idea from a Gordan Ramsay book.  This recipe was simple and I made some changes.  I took the rest of these pears, sliced them up in large chunks and then put them in a bowl and coated them with the powdered Stevia my wife and I found at Dierburgs.  The stuff acts just like regular powdered sugar, except it has 0 calories.  So, we have sweet sugar pears coated with fake powdered sugar and into a pan with a splash of olive oil they went.  I cooked them to make them softer and try to infuse the sweetness into everything.  I finished by adding a dash of some Moscato wine and then about a cup of blackberries.

All-in-all, it made a delightfully delicious dessert with the only calories coming from the little bit of extra virgin olive oil, the wine that didn't cook out, the pears and blackberries.

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