Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Um......no comment

Okay, I fancy myself to be a pretty big fan of Guinness beer.  I had my first Guinness back in 2002, when I went over for an 11 day study-abroad program in Ireland.  It was towards the end of the trip that me and the other students as well as our teachers, sat down for a beer.  For some of the students, other beers were in their glass, but this was the home country of Guinness and I had to try it.  (Even if the alcohol content was almost twice that of the Guinness sold in America.)  I was hooked.  As a bread lover, I enjoy making my own bread and the smell of yeast so much.  The heavy hop smell, the malt and the yeast is what makes a Guinness smell so good and taste so good as well.  I stand beside my Guinness, even when others complain and liken it to used motor oil, I still compliment it and enjoy a pint whenever I can.

However, this was not what I had expected:

This is a Malta, an energy drink, made by Guinness.  According to Wikipedia:
"Malta Guinness, a non-alcoholic sweet drink, produced in Nigeria and exported to the UK, East Africa, and Malaysia".  While Wikipedia may or may not be a reputable source of information and facts, this is a fact about the drink.  Filled with "Goodness, Energy and Vitality". 

The first sip of this drink certainly woke me up, both physically and spiritually, this morning at work. It tasted awful. I'm sorry, but I am giving this drink a 1 out of 5 and maybe even a 0 our of 5. I felt sick after drinking it. Malta drinks, are meant to be unfermented beers that are served to children as soft drinks. I found this drink to be so tart that I couldn't drink it and found out only recently, that Latin American countries may sometimes mix their Malta with sweetened condensed milk. It is basically a strong stout beer that wasn't allowed to ferment, so the natural sugars were not given the chance to turn into alcohol and thus you still have a tart, stout flavor but without the alcohol. It tasted to me, as if someone took the mash that was left over after making a Guinness and them mixing that with ketchup. Yeah, it tastes like that.

While I can stand against the fact that that to me, this tastes horrible, I cannot stand against the fact that this drink is packed full of Vitamin B. So, sure, for that matter, it is healthy. Although, I think it would be torture to push this drink on my kids.

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