Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I never win anything

Well, at least that is what I tell myself with each time I throw that losing lottery ticket into the trash.  However, yesterday was something different.  I have business cards made up for this blog.  Some are simple and nice while others actually say "You have been reviewed" on them.  I try to leave at least one at every restaurant that I go to so I can write up a review of my experience and post it here, online.
Anyway, my wife and kids frequent the Noodles Company restaurant outside of the South County Mall, at least once every two weeks.  So, I entered my business cards into the drawing and just for fun, thought it would be fun to win, and well, I did.

What I won, was a tasting menu, served by a manager, on an evening of my choice.  Me and up to 5 others are invited and we get a free meal.  While this seems like a great idea, I just can't wait.  I look forward to my meal.  It is tonight (the 15th) at 7:00pm.

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