Thursday, August 5, 2010

Would you like to have a sample?

I have had enough of it and had to talk about, I have 31 years of experience in enjoying samples.  I remember being so young and little and traveling within the old National store with my mother and getting free cookie samples. 

Later on, I remember getting great samples at the Kroger stores, when they still were in st. Louis.  Things like whole candy bars or half of a can of soda or other great things. 

Within the past 5 years, I discovered Costco and Sam's and if you love free food, a Sunday at one of those places is the place to be.  On an average day, at Costco, you can sample some cheeses, some grilled hot dogs, some cut fruit of some sort, watch a demonstration of some great cleaning product or paper towel, try some crackers with salsa, have a drink of fruit drink and then sign up for some Chinese acrobatic show at The Fox.  That is a slow Sunday, I think. 

Now, the reason for this blog is a rant, against See's Candies, which I believe is in a portion of South County mall, in St. Louis.  I went by with my kids, three times and the old bat watching the candy gave samples to everyone but packed them up as we walked by.  So, what is it about me that doesn't allow me to have a candy sample?  Is it because I look young?  Is it because I have kids?  Is it because I dress strange?  Why is it?

I know that if I was the person giving out samples I would want to give them to people who would most likely buy them, but giving a sample to a mom and the 4 teenage girls with her and have them walk in seems like giving me and my kids a sample wouldn't hurt.  The old woman though, just stares at us from over her glasses.  If you give out food samples, don't be racist, sexist or discriminate but offer them to everyone.  Rant finished.

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