Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is poor execution worse than not making your own food?

Like many others, many millions of others, I watch Top Chef.  But what is even more surprising is how someone who made bad food goes home over someone who didn't make all of his food. 

If you don't watch, here is a summary:

Alex made veal Parmesan, and besides cooking the veal to the point that it was rock hard, made an interesting dish.  Execution and technique was awful in his dish, but he made everything himself.

Angelo made a beef Wellington and bought store bought puff pastry and then made pizzas out of that with the beef and mushrooms on top of that. 

Now, both dishes were bad and both of them were up for a possible elimination.  However, because Alex went home, does that mean it is alright for chefs to buy some of their ingredients at a store pre-made?  I mean, Beef Wellington has 3 main ingredients: pastry, beef and mushrooms, right?  Well, he didn't make the beef and he didn't make the pastry so all he did was throw everything else together?  

So, I'm a chef and I'm making some strawberry stuffed French toast.  Is it right for me to buy store made jam to stuff my French toast?  Since I can already make jam, I would make my own and make my own everything.  So, why did Alex go home?

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