Monday, August 16, 2010

The ultimate pairing...

What is it? Peanut butter and jelly? Chocolate and bananas? Bourdain and St. Louis?  No, even better: video games and food.

In this new time, when one can do virtually anything they want with food, some people work hard making food products that either are found within video games and replicated by them or make items that are from a specific theme.  In particular, I am looking at my favorite game and some mixed drinks which were inspired from the game.

In the world of Bioshock, the player takes control of a man who is the sole survivor of a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean.  He swims his way to a black lighthouse and then finds a submersible that takes him to a giant underwater city called Rapture.  There in this art deco inspired utopia, the character runs across dangers which are the product of an increased technology that is so futuristic but still set in the 1960's.  The game is a magical experience and should be played by everyone.

This is a plasmid:
Here we have a drink inspired by an item in the game.  The plasmid, within the Bioshock game, allows your character to acquire some supernatural abilities such as shoot electricity from your palm or fire from your fingertips.  This drink, along with the glass, has a feel to it which resembles the look of the plasmid.

While a mixture of this drink does sound like it could taste fruity but I am unsure of the abilities that it may bestow.

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