Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tastes may change but restaurants may not.

Back in 2004, I was only recently married and my adventures into the culinary world had only just begun.  I was still exploring new restaurants and trying new food but the concept of paying more than $50 for a meal for two people was still too far away to be even considered an idea.  It was at this time that through a recommendation from my uncle, my wife and I tried our hand at restaurant A.  Now, before anyone goes on a rampage, keep in mind, that this first experience was 10 years ago.  For my first time there, 10 years ago, I thought that the food was amazing.  I only had traveled out of the city a few times and in America, it was always small cities when I was a child and didn't remember where we had eaten. This restaurant, A, was always the base for which I compared other places to.

Now, over the years, I had learned more, acquired a more intricate palette and learned about wine and food and how things should be done.  I went and tried interesting foods, more authentic ethnic foods particular to this St. Louis restaurant and all the while, about half of a decade later, my wife and I came back. Sadly, the things that we had loved so much from the first time, had not changed and that had meant that the restaurant  did not change anything in those 5 years.  While this seems like a grand idea, restaurants need to change with the trends of food, service and decor so that you do not become one of those places on Restaurant Impossible.  Furthermore, the restaurant A, also only lacked in service compared to the last time, especially when it came to the handling of dirty dishes and food delivery.

It is just such an odd experience coming to a restaurant over a time period and seeing how it may have changed for good or worse.

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