Thursday, August 8, 2013

Super JJ's Fish and Chicken

This is a great spot in Bloomington, Illinois and a must for fans of fish and chicken and fried foods.  What you have here, summed up, is a great Southern style fried foods restaurant.

There isn't much of a website for this restaurant, but the food can speak for itself. You have a restaurant which looks like just a spot in a strip mall.  There isn't any decorations or pictures on the wall.  The tables are bare and the floor is too.  There are simple lights around the counter, and everything looks very simple.  So, you think, how good can this be...?

Then you look at the menu and order.  We ordered a bunch of fried catfish and chicken wings.  So, it couldn't be much, right?  I was expecting simple fried catfish and then little wings like you get at some chain restaurant.  This though, is what we had delivered to us, not counting sides.

So, what we have there, is one of the large roasting pans, filled with catfish and chicken wings.  Look at those huge pieces of catfish.  The pieces were coated in a simple cornmeal breading, they were lightly seasoned, tender, clean and tasted nothing like the catfish I have tried around St. Louis.  When a guy who doesn't really like seafood, eats fish at your establishment, then you have a great product.  I give the fish a 4 out of 5 stars.  Then you have the chicken wings, which is what is seen on the bottom of the pan.  These are the whole chicken wing so you have two pieces with meat, basically.  The meat is so juicy and tender that it will fall right off of the bone.  Everything there was perfect and this was just the simple one.

You want a deal?  Get their 100 wings.  Most places around St. Louis, will sell 100 wings and you will get one of the two pieces, wingette or drumette.  So, you end up paying for about 50 wing pieces and 50 little drumstick pieces.  Here is the thing with JJ's; the 100 wings are 100 of both.  So, comparatively, you get 200 wings for your buck.  What makes this even better still, is this is their prices for their buffalo wings.  So, let's say you have a party or you have some college buddies that want some food, why not get some huge amounts of buffalo wings for your buck?  College guys, if you do not know about this place, then you should by now.

1510 W Market St
BloomingtonIL 61701
(309) 820-7600

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