Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Firehouse Pizza and Pub

My wife had to travel a few hours away for work and as such, it was thought that it would be fun for the rest of us to go along.  So, while she was having meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, my two sons and I tried to enjoy ourselves in the area.  Wednesday, we checked out the local Zoo in Bloomington and then before checking out the Children's Discovery Museum, we decided to grab a bite to eat.  Located within a stone's throw of the museum, is a pizza place and pub.  I have to say, that this restaurant is likely the most children friendly restaurant I have ever been to.

Firehouse Pizza (http://www.firehousepizza911.com/) is a restaurant that serves pizza on a buffet as well as your table if you order it yourself.  What makes the pizzas special, is that they are each hand crafted and unique.  Everything there, from the bread sticks to the crust and sauce, are done there and you can taste it. There is no spongy, doughy, bland crust taste, but a tender and bread-like crust flavor. What was also really interesting, is that there were the normal flavors, like sausage, pepperoni and cheese, but there were more interesting flavors.  There was one that had BBQ sauce, cheese and jalapenos on top of it.  There was one that tasted like it had chicken, bacon and ranch sauce.  There was even one that just had slices of tomato and basil on the cheese.  Also, unlike other places that offer pizza on a buffet, everything was really good.

Nothing can keep kids more calm than having their own remote and television at the table that they can watch while they eat.

Each of these pizza pans, had two kinds of pizza on them.  As I said, none of the pizza tasted bad, all the flavor combinations were good and everything tasted fresh.  I have to give them a great 4 out of 5 for their restaurant and food and hope that if anyone is in the area, perhaps on the way to Chicago and looking to stop for a meal before hitting the big city, I suggest going to Firehouse.

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