Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Friday Night....

Not a bad song, but the last of the Outdoor Film Series on Art Hill, for the summer.  This past Friday was an all-out party and the weather, while a bit hot, was almost perfect.  The night was filled with a giant, inflated movie screen for the showing of The Princess Bride, a group of performers, under a tent near the St. Louis statue, at least 8 of the city's food trucks, offering their food and wares to the people, an even an opening to the new wing of the St. Louis Art Museum.

We started off, by getting my kids two of the fresh made frozen lemonades and one home made chocolate ice cream from the Ice Cream truck.

This was the Fire and Ice Truck and while they do serve ice cream bars and soda and such, the lemonade and the ice cream is made from scratch by them.  I finished off a frozen lemonade.  It was tart and sweet in a perfect combination.  The chocolate ice cream tasted like real chocolate and was smooth and perfect.  I'd give our visit with them a 3 out of 5, meaning that you should visit them for their lemonade and ice cream.

The next truck that we ordered from was the  Completely Sauced truck, which seems to make a Creole spin on some great foods.

So, we ordered two things.  We first ordered a po-boy, which was tasty and went over well, like a 3 out of 5 stars.  But the real winner, was these little Jambalaya balls.  These things were so awesome.  You had yourself these giant, baseball sized clumps, of home-made jambalaya, with spicy sausage and tender chicken, and perfectly cooked rice.  Then, it looks like these things were packed together and fried.  The size of these were huge and I would say that two of them, would be enough for one person.  I'd give these a 4 out of 5.

The last truck we visited was the Bombay Food Junkies Truck. What we have here, is a newer truck, with an Indian food idea.

This truck is vegetarian and has vegan friendly items.  While that may sound "bleh" to some, it means that there are a lot of dishes with rice or potatoes, which is always a plus for me.  I ordered an item called the Bombay Burger.

The burger is mostly chickpea flour and potato and has some great spices and added herbs with it for extra flavoring.  It came with a yogurt sauce which I was asked to mix with my rice and it was a very spicy and satisfying dish.  The burger was made fresh, by the cooks in the truck and was just so delicious.  I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

There you have it: 3 trucks out of the many trucks that are part of the St. Louis food scene.  For more information on these trucks, please visit their sites:


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