Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why was this in the clearance section???

As I admitted to earlier, I have a penchant for looking through and buying things on the clearance shelf at Dierburgs.  Last week I saw something for $2 and while it was still $2 I thought about it and bought it anyway.  It was a bottle of chocolate cupcake Shake n' Pour.

I know, it may seem a bit lazy, but it has a really simple concept: measure the water, pour it in and shake and bake.  It was really easy.  So, I did just that.  I pre-heated my oven, took out my silicone muffin wraps and then started to get everything ready.  You shake the bottle for as little as one minute and that is all that is needed.

Now, what came out of the oven, in the time mentioned on the back, was perfect moist and chocolate cupcakes.  Now, they were very moist, like super moist chocolate cake and they tasted good, not like other bad instant chocolate cupcake mixes.  You know, like those other dollar store brands where the chocolate taste has this metal flavor, reminiscent of a mouthful of pennies?  Not here though.

The cake is rich and while my sons and I inhale these cupcakes I wonder "why this was in the clearance section?"  There was no bad chemicals, no high fructose corn syrup and nothing bad.  So, it seems it was just pulled off of the shelf because the company was no longer promoting it.

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