Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm guilty

I sin every time we go to Dierburgs.  I shop and tend to hoard items in the Clearance section.  You have the most profitable Dierburgs in the St. Louis area, with tons of space and items from almost most of the countries and then you have about six 6 foot long shelves with maybe 20-30 items on them that have been discounted beyond all means.  I can't help it, I think I spend the most time in the store on anything, looking at these items.

Who wouldn't be interested in 12 day old doughnuts for $2?  What about a 1 pound package of all-purpose flour that has a taped up tear on the side of it of $1.50?  What about an energy drink for $1 or even a bottle of Shake and Pour chocolate cupcakes for $2?  I admit that while some of the items are just disgusting, like toothpaste flavored candies or that energy drink that was supposed to be acai berry and grape and tasted like overly watered down kool-aid.  But some things, are just things that will not look good on the stores and they can still make a buck on.  I will buy anything for those prices using the same set of standards that I use for my other shopping.  I check the expiration dates, ingredient lists and even the structure and stability of the packaging.  I also notice how quickly they are to remove seasonal items, like a cereal that has material on it no longer relevant as those with contest, give-aways or sweepstakes.  But still, $1 for a box of name-brand cereal is still good.

You can say what you want, but I think there are savable things on those shelves.  What about you, do you shop the clearance shelves?

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