Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I would do for Mardi Gras...

Okay, I will preface this be letting you all know, I do not participate in Mardi Gras celebrations in Soulard.  I only did once, but never when I was younger.  Its not that I do not like beer or I do not like good food or admit that some of my ancestral line actually may have had some French in them, but I'm not a big wasteful drinker.  In my mind, beer should be enjoyed to a moderate level, like food.  I know and have known of people who will drink anything with alcohol, just to get drunk, then wonder around like Cain on Kung-Fu, peeing in people's yards and barging into their houses looking for more free beer.  I understand that we may now, have the largest Mardi Gras celebration, probably now larger than New Orleans, than anyone else in America.  But, we also have a lot more than just drinking.  There is this...standard thought by most people in St. Louis that if you don't go out and drink till your plastered and then tell your friends the next day of how awesome you are and how drunk you were and how many fights you were in, etc, at Mardi Gras, then you just are nothing.  I'm sorry, I'm not here for the drink.  I have beer at home and its free, I don't need to pay $4 for a beer (or whatever they cost at Soulard).

I do feel bad that I missed the Crystal Cook-off.  I was a little surprised that the chef's were not allowed to give out samples to the people who paid for the tickets, although Chef John Johnson said that even though they were not allowed, many of the chefs were handing out samples.  Chef John Johnson beat out the competition by creating some amazing dishes, including the corn dogs, which he shared the recipe with us last post.  I do like Crystal Hot Sauce and use it all over on just about everything; even thought it is not a St. Louis brand.

Anyways, coming up there are some things happening that I would look forward to and you should to:
First of all there is River City Casino Grand Parade on this Saturday.  This parade has over 130 vehicles rolling down St. Louis from the stadium to the A&B Brewery and it is a non stop party along the way.  http://www.mardigrasinc.com/events/river-city-grand-parade/     Now, keep in mind that the parade starts at 11:00AM, and on top of that, the Weather Channel is predicting that Saturday will have a high in the low 50's, so it will be a nice jacket weather and no need to freeze your butts off like normal.  So, be sure to stake a good spot for that and bring the kids!

Also, next week after this, on the 12th, aka: FAT TUESDAY, will be the Lumiere Place Light Up The Night Parade.  http://www.mardigrasinc.com/events/lumiere-place-fat-tuesday-parade/  This parade will start at 7pm at the corner of Washington and Broadway and continue Westward until it reaches 14th street.  All the vehicles and floats are lit up to show off the lights and colors at night.  The Weather Channel is predicting that the low on this night will be about 29 degrees, so make sure to dress warmly, get your hats, gloves and coats so you don't freeze while watching the parade.  If you don't have these things and don't dress warmly, be sure to hug or be close to a loved one.  If you fail to do that, then there is something for you on the following Thursday.

That Thursday, is Valentine's day and is perfect for you to get out of trouble with your loved one, by taking them to Cielo Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. There you can write a special love note to your sweetheart and then attach it to a balloon and then let the balloon float up in the sky, from the roof-top terrace of the hotel.  http://www.fourseasons.com/stlouis/  For every balloon released between 5 and 10pm, the hotel will donate $5 to Food Outreach.  There is even a special menu available at the Cielo Restaurant. Oh yeah, I would mention the low of 28 degrees on this night, but if you have someone you love with you or you are in love, no amount of cold could bother you.

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