Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toilet seats and a hot dog

I know that they have been there for a long time now, but for those who don't know, there are some hot dogs and other great foods at your favorite South County Home Depot location.  So, you wander what I'm smoking?  There are three locations, where you can get a Dirty Dog and these are in the St. Louis area.  There is always a rep, standing at a hot dog stand, with a counter and over 200 different sauces and condiments, freezing in one of the entrances or exists at a Home Depot.

So, while you are inside, getting toilet seats, plywood or even a double bladed dado machine, walking out the exit will get you a quick glance and even buy something yummy.  I stopped off at the Dirty Dogz location at the Home Depot near Lindbergh and Hooters.  Jason Gaines started this company in 2005 and slowly started to move around to all of these locations.  What is important to note, is that every item has been custom made for Dirty Dogz.  Everything from the Tamales to the hot dogs have been made for Dirty Dogz and are all beef and don't have the fillers and other junk in them.  The buns are also made by a local company and specially made for Dirty Dogz.  Now, the sauces are not made locally or specially for them, but with over 200 sauces per location, they have more of a variety than most grocery stores.

They also have an extensive menu and as long as I have been eating there, I have NEVER had a bad thing there:!menu

This is really great because it doesn't have to be summer time to have a great hot dog.  I suggest going in and picking a different sauce combination each time.

They can be found at the Sunset Hills and South Lindbergh locations.

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