Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tastes like puke?

I know this sounds mean and I don't compare things to this flavor, or lack of flavor, but over the weekend I saw these at a QT, bought them and tried them.

Okay, so about a year ago, Resveratrol, started to become the "big" thing.  Basically, resveratrol is an antioxidant found in things like red grapes.  This chemical antioxidant was found to be in red wine and the darker the wine, the more of it.  So, things like a Port/Porto or an ice wine could actually have more resveratrol than a class of red table wine.  This antioxidant is thought to protect your heard from heart disease: which is a fancy name for heart attacks.

Like many other studies and research on alternative medicine and things that are not run by pharmaceutical companies, there has been no scientific proof that resveratrol has any benefits on humans.  It has been tested mostly on animals and while it is in red grapes, like other fruit, it may just have a small effect on the body.

The point is: like other derivatives from fruits, resveratrol may just be an antioxidant which works best in the presence of other antioxidants.  So, a company thought it could get into the market by advertising that they have it in their nutritional drinks, thus helping to sell them.  It isn't a bad idea and I've even made my own things at home that are healthy but still taste great, like protein and DHA packed brownies.  But, when a company makes these drinks and makes the bottles as such and tries to make them cool and attractive to buyers, they should at least taste good.

This weekend I tried the red fruit punch flavor and the orange citrus flavor.  The red flavor tasted like someone left a fruit punch outside over a rainy weekend and now it is filled with dirt, leaves and bugs.  It is nasty and in no way makes me interested in drinking it.  Each bottle is $2 and while that is about as much as a regular energy drinks, like a Rockstar or Monster, I would rather eat dirt, than drink another one of these.  The orange citrus one, was worse.  The first sip tasted like apple juice, which was okay.  But then, continual drinking brought out a secondary flavor which tasted like flat and warm orange juice.  It reminded me of the taste, stuck in your throat, after you puke.  It also had that acidic backwash feel and makes me cringe right now, while writing this, thinking about it.  I'm sorry, but I know that some companies do this and think that someone would obviously want to buy a drink and drink it instead of eating a cup of red grapes.  But, this makes me think that the red grapes are the way to go.  Best part is, I am also a wine fan, so why would I pass a glass of wine for one of these nasty drinks.

It could just be me.  But if someone had one of these, try it for yourself.  I just don't like it and would like to pass word out to you that they are here in St. Louis.

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