Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Candy that is so unreal.

A visit to Walgreens showed me something new and interesting, it is about time that a company makes candy that isn't full of junk.  After all, candy is made with some pretty simple ingredients but thanks to The Corn Growers of America and other mafia-type organizations, things like High Fructose Corn Syrup and other corn derivatives and making their way into our candy.  I love how people complain and think that there must be some secret ingredient "X" that people are eating that is making Americans fat and obese and no one bothers to think at the facts.  The number one fact being that before HFCS was introduced into our food the obesity percentage was low and now after all these years it is high.  I wonder why???

Anyway, while always looking for something new and fun, I came across a candy company doing something odd: they have candy made with no artificial anything, no hydrogenated anything, no corn syrups, no preservatives and no GMO's.  What we have here, if sold in a little confectionary shop in New York City, would be some expensive candy.  But, distributed and sold at Walgreens, you have a great tasting candy in a catchy package.

The first one I tried was a candy bar called "Unreal 8".  What I love about this company, is that they don't give crazy names to their bar.  It is not a Milky Way or a Mars.  What we have here is called an "Unreal 8", and then under the name, it has some descriptors listed; "chocolate, caramel, peanut, and nougat bar".  Then it has the brand name: "Unkunked."  This is great because what they did do, is make candy that wasn't full of junk.  The bar tastes like a Snickers bar with dark chocolate and is less sweet than the big name one.  This one I like better.

What this company has also done, is by not using anything artificial, that means that when it made its "M&M's" copy, it uses natural colors.  Their candy coated chocolate pieces are called "Unreal 41" and they are colored with such insane items like beetroot juice and turmeric root extract.  Think of how insane that is! Someone using natural dyes from natural edible items to color candy.  No crazy people here!  No yellow #50 or red #4, this is all natural and gives the candies a nice shade of colors.

All four candy types are tasty.  Nothing is too sweet and while it may still add inches to your waist if you are not careful, at least it will not lead to other complications like artificial dyes, chemicals and fake sugars do.  So, I like these and it makes me feel as though, compared to what is out there, these Unjunked candies are healthy.  I like them and as a former candy junkie, I think they taste great.  I want to say that if you are eating healthy, don't waste it by eating something with 30 artificial ingredients.  Try one of these instead.

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