Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Doctor Who fix for the year...

When I was young, I was so interested and obsessed (seems a better word) with the Doctor.  I first watched Doctor Who in the early 90's, while the local PBS station was having their member pledge breaks.  The station would start off and play the first episode that they had and then have a marathon, working their way through until the current show's run in the 90's.  I immediatly liked the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, when I watched a few episodes.  This Doctor was eccentric, dressed in a mix of Victorian and other strange clothing and laughed in the face of danger.  He was captured many times, made fun of his enemies and even tortured and always stuck his neck out for others.  He may have been stuffy sometimes, often telling other scientists that they were stupid and making fun of some humans in general, but he always did what he could for the betterment of humanity.  I liked his swagger, his use of information and his one-liners.  I liked his playfulness and his seriousness and was instantly set out to incororate some parts of his personality into my own.  I wanted to be that Doctor.

Anyways, over time I watched the new episodes and even now as they are on the 11th Doctor, I started to like some of the pop culture references made in the series.  It does so in such a way that it helps to bring the Doctor Who world into our own and make it seem more real.  Well, all of this came even more real when I was at Global Foods and bought some interesting items.

The one one the right, comes first.  It is a Jammie Dodger.

The 11th Doctor loves these cookies.  They are a chewy raspberry filling in between of two vanilla cookies. There is a little heart cutout where you can see the filling and they are not only very tasty but addictive.  I know that at one point, the Doctor uses a Jammie Dodger for a TARDIS self-destruct mechanism to fool some Daleks.  The fact is, that this is a real product and it is very good.

I saved the best for last: Jelly Babies.  I believe the 2nd Doctor first used Jelly Babies but offered them once to Sgt. Benton of U.N.I.T. in the late 60's.  Now what I love about the 4th Doctor is at one point, he offered, Davros, creator of the Daleks, a jelly baby, only to be turned down.  His one liner: "Would you like a jelly baby?" has become umbiquous with his character as much as his long 16 foot scarf.  The Doctor has used his Jelly Babies to befriend alien creatures, cavemen and even used it as bait for traps.  It is to the 4th Doctor what the Sonic Screwdriver was to the 10th Doctor.  (But the 4th Doctor also had a Sonic Screwdriver)

Jelly Babies have a gummy outside, like a spice drop or a gum drop.  The inside is softer, almost a liquid filled center and very sweet.  I see why the Doctor offered these to enemies and friends alike.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and you want to get these, they were found at the Global Foods store in Kirkwood, MO. 

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