Thursday, December 1, 2011

All hail the waffle

I've always wanted one and now I have one.  My wife picked me up a Hamilton Beach Waffle maker for an early Christmas present for me and I am thrilled.  I have been making waffles for the past week now.

I have to say that this on sale for $29.99 waffle maker is awesome.  You make a simple batter, pour it in, and flip the maker and within minutes you have a round waffle.

  I started with regular waffles and within minutes, I had a stack.

Let me tell you that if you place the setting on "3", the maximum, it will produce hot and crunchy waffles, that taste perfect.  What is really fun about the recipe I found, is I was able to tweak it.  I replaced the 4 tablespoons of sugar with Truvia and replaced the tablespoon of melted butter with extra virgin Lebanese olive oil.  A few cuts to calories does improve the taste.  What is also cool, is that you can make subtle changes of flavor.  For instance, when I went to the store and bought vanilla ice cream, at about 8:00 AM, the cashier and bagger were asking why I was buying ice cream that early.  I told them that I was going to put it on my waffles.  That made them silent and earily staring at me.  The thing is, I made root beer flavored waffles, using a root beer candy flavoring.  The waffles tasted like root beer so I wanted some vanilla ice cream on top so every bite tasted like a root beer float.  This shocked the two grocery store employees: "I've heard of root beer floats but never heard of anyone making waffles that tasted like them."  Well, that is what I do.

So, if you are looking for a waffle maker, I highly suggest using the Hamilton Beach one, I have pictures up there.  I have had waffles turn out perfect, every time.  This devise gets a 5 out of 5 for me, works perfect and every time and was less than $50.

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