Thursday, September 15, 2011

Arugula spaghetti: molecular cuisine number 2

I was bored on Sunday so this is the next recipe from the Molecular Cuisine set I purchased on  The idea for arugula spaghetti is a simple one:

You start by placing 2 cups of arugula and some water in a blender to make an arugula shake.  Yummy.
Then you boil that mixture with some agar-agar for a few minutes and then you have the start of what you need.  The agar-agar, activates when it comes to a boil, just like corn starch, and will start to gel and thicken once it starts to cool down.  So, you take your tubing and your giant syringe and start going to work.
You fill the syringe with some of the hot mixture, then attach the tubing onto the syringe and then squeeze out into the tubes.  When they are filled, you carefully place them into a bowl of cold water, to 'cook'.
You have them 'cook' for about 3 minutes and then you take them out of the water.  I took a smaller syringe, not included, and stuck it right in one side of the tubing to push air through and push out the spaghetti into a white bowl.
I was a bit shocked on how easily it worked, or I just have a knack for these things.  The spaghetti tasted like raw arugula and while not a huge fan of the green, the procedure lends itself to other applications and use of other ingredients.  What about a citrus spaghetti or perhaps some fruit juice noodles?

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