Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the difference?

As per a suggestion, this past Sunday I made a batch of my chocolate chip cookies.  This time, I made them using all organic ingredients. 
So was there a difference between the ingredients?  Well, as more and more laws are put into place to protect the consumer, the term "Organic" constantly changes.  What was organic last year may not be organic this year.  What did I have?  Organic eggs, organic butter, organic sugar cane sugar, organic flour, organic semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I let the butter warm a bit before creaming it with some sugar.  I used this sugar instead of white and brown and just used one 'color'.  It turned out not as sweet as I normally like them.  I also used semi-sweet chips because they didn't have organic milk chocolate chips.  The organic butter didn't seem to taste any different than regular butter.  The organic chocolate chips didn't taste any different than regular chips and the organic flour smelled and tasted just like regular non-organic flour.  All-in-all, the organic cookie tasted just like a cookie made with inorganic materials.  So, what is the big deal? 

Organic things have to go through certain procedures, use only organic fertilizers and no GMO's or other inject-able materials into the animals to make them.  Like no steroids or anything in the cows.  The organic egg making chickens probably ate regular feed instead of being forced corn or something else to make big meaty areas on their bodies or worse.  The organic raising cows would only eat natural grasses and what-not so nothing gets passed into the food.  Was it more expensive? Yes.  Is it concerned healthier for you?  I think.

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