Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some good insulation..

It is a long story and so, here we go:

I was at home yesterday watching the house while we had some workers work on it.  Our house is about 5 and 1/2 years old, but that didn't stop the bad construction job from being noticed.  A large list of problems and issues has befallen every home owner in our subdivision and while C.A. Jones doesn't seem to care or worry, we get foot with the bill.  So, our house was made with hardly any insulation in the attic so while we had the house set to 70 degrees, if it was 100 degrees outside, like it has been recently, the house would be as much as 83 degrees inside when we get home from work, around 6:30pm.  It also is worth mentioning that we have two extra AC portable units running 24hours a day to keep that temperature at that golden 80 something.  After having loads of advice and suggestions, even a horrible suggestion from Dr. Energy Saver who suggested a plan costing no less than $5,300, we took care of the whole mistake for a measly $1,500. 

So, I am at home thinking of creative brownie flavors while the construction workers we hired fixed all of our attic, insulation and heating/cooling issues for that lower amount, when I think of some great ideas.  I make the first one: sweet potato brownies.  I am told that it tastes like a sweet potato pie, which is a great idea for a brownie. 
The second flavor I came up with is sage.  I used a handful of fresh sage, chopped it up, and threw it into the batter.  The resulting brownie was a very herby flavor that was a strong sage flavor.  (Although it was suggested to me to make it a chocolate brownie with sage inside.)  Both brownies were important as the construction workers thought both of them were cool.  Which makes me think that the reason why they did such a good job on our house was the fact that I had offered them freshly cooked, albeit strange flavored, brownies.

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