Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time off...

I don't think I have had a proper vacation for almost a year now, with my last trip being to Beirut and most of Southern Lebanon and then to London, England for a few nights.  That was a while ago.  Now, on Friday, I leave for Las Vegas.  I will be doing less Vegas stuff and more 'other' stuff.  I will be going to Red Rock as well as Hoover Dam (I hope the Legion and the NCR are not there). 

It shows that Chef Rick Moonen follows this blog and if he really does, then he will know that I intend to visit RM seafood with my wife one night in the next 7 days.  I only hope that he is there the night I am, so I can meet him, officially, and take his picture :)

I will have pictures of the food from his restaurant and my best impressions of what his restaurant is like as well as the food.  I will leave you all at that and should have a new entry/post on next Thursday.

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