Thursday, February 10, 2011

This tastes strange....Let's make a healthy tonic out of it.

Throughout human history, is something natural tastes horrible, it is instantly deemed good for you.  Such a thought seems to contradict any holistic professional, who believes that science has caused plants to evolve their fruits in order to increase the chances that creatures eat and spread the seeds. Contrary to this thought, when early humans discovered natural mineral spring water, they believed and still do, that the water has a health increasing effect. 

Some of the earliest records suggest that the Arabs first took advantage of this and made a mixture of this mineral water with herbs and other flavors to produce what could be first health tonics.  These natural carbonated mineral waters were hard to find and in the 18th century, scientists started to devise ways to artificially create carbonated water.

But these were not recreational drinks.  Since they had a history of being for increasing health or having 'healing properties' these first started to show up in pharmacies. In the early 1800's, pharmacies started to infused the soda water with natural flavors in order to make drinks with curative properties. In the 1950's pharmacists started to add phosphoric acid to a drink combined with some orange flavor with soda water to create a healthy drink.  The only thing that I can figure that phosphoric acid is good at, is removing plaque on the teeth.  Even Coca-Cola started out as a flavored soda water beverage that could allegedly heal the person of diseases. The difference is that Coca-Cola originally was made with real cocaine.  Other flavors could be cherry to celery and all was originally done with juices but now flavors are all artificial.

While originally thought to have special healing or curative properties, studies now show that none, not a single one of the early to modern soda drinks, has any good health benefits.  They are now made with acids, high fructose corn syrup and worse. 

In games, soda has different effects.  In the Bioshock games, soda can replace EVE, a required item that allows the player to use special abilities in-game.  In the Fallout series, drinks such as Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sasparilla add health to the character and appear to be soda-pop.

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