Thursday, May 29, 2014

Minecraft birthday party

Let me share my experience and information so that you or anyone else wanting to do a minecraft themed party, could have some ideas.  This is what we did for my son, a 6 year old. 

So, let me explain what we did:

First off, we made and printed out little snack cards showing different items from the games, like below:
Then we took some clear, square plates and filled them with some items represented by items in the game.  We had fish, cookies, green M&M's, pretzel sticks, rice crispy treats, and Rolo candies.  We bought some apple juice bottles and ripped the label off.  I then printed out the words "Healing Potion" and stuck them onto the adhesive strips left on the bottles from where the labels were.  I got some red and blue rock candy and used them in clear round cups for the Diamonds and Red Stones. The crafting work was done by making that Creeper face and printing out about 20 Creeper head papercrafts and getting them all together as party favors.  I also then got 20 brown bags and printed out a picture of the chest, cut it out and glued it on the bags, so they were like the chest in minecraft, which is where you put your stuff.  Oh yeah, we took Twizzlers and stuck them in cups labeled "TNT". 

For party games, we played a game where you have a contest to see who can keep two balloons up in the air the longest.  I made a large Minecraft pig using pink construction paper and we did a 'pin the tail on the pig'. We also then made a bean bag toss game.  I took a rectangle box and we spray-painted it green as I cut out the eyes and mouth of a Creeper.  I taped them back in as flaps and then filled four ziploc bags with about a cup of dried beans.  I duct taped over the bags completely with blue duct tape making bean bags.  So, we had it so each kid went behind a line and would see who would get the most points.

While this was a quickly planned birthday party, I do hope that something we did would either inspire you or help you prepare and plan for your next minecraft party.

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