Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chef John Johnson might have to duck to get in, but it is here.

So last year, the wonderful people at River City Casino did this deal with the Center for Hearing and Speech where the reservation cost of getting a spot at a giant gingerbread house and having wonderful specially prepared Christmas food, went straight to the Center.  It was $20 a reservation and the idea was to get enough people to reserve and then that money gets donated straight to the Center for Hearing and Speech.

They are doing it again this year.

(I'm telling you, look at how Chef John has his head tilted down.  I don't think he can fit in the doorway.)

So, this year, as you can see from above, the house is completed.  It is 14 feet tall, 10 feet wide and it has over 450 pounds of dough in it.  So, they made this house with 100 pounds of sugar, 300 pounds of icing, 700 pounds of cookies, gumdrops and cupcakes.  Last time, the menu selection was awesome.  Not only that, but because they offered a breakfast selection, my kids had their food of delicious food.

I have to say this as well, this time, the interior of the gingerbread house looks so much more elegant:

There is a one time reservation fee of $20, that is needed for this.  Call here:  314-388-7625 or go to to make your reservation.

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