Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you want to be on tv?

I would say that the easiest way to get onto television is to just be filmed doing something you do anyway.  But, what could that be and is there an opportunity coming up?  Yes.

The St. Louis Soulard Market announced a few weeks back that Andrew Zimmern will be there in March to film an episode part for his show, Bizarre Foods America.  Now, for those of you who don't know or follow, Andrew Zimmern is the guy from the show that eats bugs.  (Or that is how my son puts it.)  Andrew believes that the best way to experience a culture is through the food and he made many years of episodes of him traveling the globe to cities and countries large and small, eating anything and everything.  He always tries everything at least twice and always shows the best manners.

After his show Bizarre Foods, he started a spin-off, showing strange and unusual foods in places in America, bringing the show that much closer to home.  He is on his 3rd season and he has been to cities as large as Las Vegas and as small as Sitka.  It is interesting, because most travel shows, celebrity chefs and the like view St. Louis as nothing more than an airport hub; which is sad.  I like the way St. Louis is now but would love for it to have the recognition it deserves.

What is at Soulard?  Well, being the oldest outdoor market West of the Mississippi, props needs to go into that history.  Then, as odd as some may think, our market has almost every type of meat available.  From alligator to muskrat, it can be found at Soulard market.  So, what will he try?

Now, if you want to be there and see him and be one of the extras behind him when he eats all sorts of things, then you need to camp out Soulard on Saturday.  His crew didn't give me a time that he will be there, only Saturday.  But since the market is usually dead and closed down by 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I would say to go there early.

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