Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sexual preference versus chicken

It is in the news so I have to post it.  I am not guy but I support gay rights and everyone's rights.  On the one side, it doesn't make sense and on the other it does.  To sum up: Chick-fil-a stated an opinion that it thinks that marriage should be between a man and woman and does not support or wish to support gay people at all.  The company says that it is based on biblical values, which makes me think that they should turn their competitors into pillars of salt.

I know it is a political upheaval especially in these times when it really is a war against a 1% who wants a free world versus the 99% who just wants more money to line their money.

So, I have seen some people get a bit carried away by this.  I saw a post on facebook about someone taking a picture, of tow people who took a photo with their phone of them smiling at Chick-fil-a.  Well, that person then commented on how anti-gay those people were.  Then this person carried on about how anti-gay Coca Cola must be because they serve their drinks at Chick-fil-a, how anti-gay microsoft or google must be because it was likely their software on the phone which allowed the photo to take place.  I think that is pushing it a bit far.  Coca Cola is just in it for the money.  They remind me of the Vogon Construction Fleet from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Whereas the Vogons wouldn't save their own mother from being eaten by a monster without the proper paperwork, I'm sure members of Coca cola would happily sell their own mother for more bank.

But what about the photo and the camera?  It is reaching too, too far.  Microsoft is responsible for about 85% of the computers out there.  Most programmers who write viruses that do damage to people's computers, most likely use Microsoft products to do so.  Does this mean that it is Microsoft's problem and fault?  No, those computers are tools.  When a person shoots someone, is it the person's fault or the gun?

Does the makers of the gun get fined as well?

So, this all comes down to people not eating at the Chick-fil-a's because they do not support guys, right?  Well, here is the thing, it will never work.  Not in our society.  When you do not support those restaurants, people lose their jobs, restaurants close and the community breaks down.  There is no real way to make it hurt for those who are doing the wrong-doings.  They still make money in other ways.

When BP spilled gallon upon gallon of oil in the Gulf, everyone was talking about staging boycotts of all of the BP stations.  The problems were, that these stations were owned and operated by people in the community.  So, by not going to one long enough, it closes, and then people have to drive further for gas and that puts about 10-15 people out of work.  What will happen, I'm using my seeing into the future powers now, but what will happen is that people will boycott these restaurants and one of them will have to close.  One of these restaurants will have to close and it will make the news, because Chick-fil-a is in the middle of the thick right now.  So, everyone who is for equal rights and so forth will celebrate and crown this as a victory against an "evil company", right? But, that Chick-fil-a will put people out of work.  Are you so blind-sighted by getting your thoughts and ideals pushed onto other people and businesses that you are completely okay with 20 people losing their job just so something can seem better, in your heart?  Closing down one restaurant is not going to change their stance on things. In fact, they claim that they are Christians and if that is the case, they likely would not change their minds about gay people even if they had no restaurants left.  So, go ahead and do whatever you want.  I may support gay and LGBT and equal rights for all, but I also support the right for people to have a job and feed their families.

What I think is funny here, is not only are there gay people who work at Chick-fil-a, and that these people are mad that the company they work for is anti-gay, but what is ironic is that these people still want a paycheck.  As of April of this year, Chick-fil-a owns 1,614 restaurants.  If there are also 394 people running corporate jobs and you guess that maybe 20 people per restaurant, that means that about 32,000 people depend on Chick-fil-a.  Now, are all of these people anti-gay?  I don't know.  But what I do want to know is this: which is better for the world: knowing that a company will change their thoughts and stay out of politics allowing gay marriage and rights or putting 32,000 people on the street?  I think we are going about the wrong way to get a point across.

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