Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An ode to Mr. Bourdain...

Many chefs, like Mr. Anthony Bourdain have said that everything tastes better with bacon, and he is correct in that statement.  While thinking upon an idea like that, new ideas fill my head.  Through the theories of molecular gastronomy, one is able to change and alter the texture of our already beloved food items.  In this case, what I did was alter the texture of one of my favorite food items and then do something new with it.

All over the Internet, bacon lovers race to get their recipe of bacon brownies out first, to be the one who invented the bacon brownie, before all else.  The problem is that many of these people make regular chocolate brownies and then add bacon to them.  In that case, it is not a bacon brownie, but a bacon/chocolate brownies.  I wanted to do something different and make pure bacon brownies.

Using about a cup of maltidextrin, I was able to powder some bacon grease and then add it in the brownies batter instead of the cocoa powder and the vanilla extract.  What came out, when finished, were sweet sugary brownies that had an aftertaste of bacon.  Even though I had little pieces of bacon crumbled and mixed in, the sugar still took over with the absence of a strong sour flavor and made the whole thing sweet.

What was pulled out of the oven, was this.  It was a perfectly cooked and textured brownie, but with a hint of bacon within its sugary cell.  People loved it as it tasted like bacon while others just stared at it while eating and muttering the word "interesting".

Mr. Bourdain, wherever you are, or whoever wants to try this for yourself, let me know.

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