Friday, February 26, 2010

what is wrong with meat??

A recent trend is that meat is bad for you and vegetables are good. While a diet with reduced red meat can help fight off cancer or heart disease, others think that a diet without meat of any kind is somehow better than you. These people either say that it is healthier or claim that because of the increasing greenhouse gases or ground house with current livestock supervision that it is better for our environment to not eat meat and thus not have that many animals around.

Is it really? Let's look at some facts:

1. Scientists have yet to find a civilization that has existed purely on vegetarian foodstuffs. Which means that none lived long enough.
2. Our bodies, by their very nature, are omnivores, not herbivores.
3. One of the deciding factors in how human beings evolved to become smart, is because humans ate meat and fats. No matter how you look at it, your brain is composed of mostly fats and protein. You can not repair damaged nerves by eating a carrot, no matter how many carrots you eat.
4. Proteins from other sources is welcomed and in some cases people are eating a lot of soy. There is still an open debate on soy as to whether it is bad or good for humans but one truth is that it contains large amounts of the female hormone estrogen. Scientists still don't have enough real data as to whether or not the high estrogen levels are good for men or children. (Also, soy milk tastes like chalk.)

I love the zealots who say that meat is full of toxins and dangerous chemicals. I wonder where they get their meats? Meat that is either freshly butchered or sold in places like Whole Foods where it is farm raised or organic raised, tend to not have that bad stuff in them. It is just meat. So, there you go zealots, one point for me, none for you.

While I don't condone the growth of animals for food, I do enjoy the food. I know that the force feeding of geese is horrible but the foie gras tastes delicious. As a chef, I really don't care about the animals, to some extent. If the animals were killed humanly then the meat will not undergo stiffening and can be more tender. So the killing of the animals has to be done quickly and without trauma or drama.

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